INFANT LAB /office at Hunter College, CUNY



Hunter College Infant/Child Development Lab of the Department of Psychology affiliated with the “Hunter College Autism Center for Practice and Policy,” continues to be infested with rodents, roaches, and worms.   The photographs above were taken between May 2016 and November 7, 2016.   As shown on the images, traps with dead and live animals are left out for faculty to care for.  When I complained to my Department I was informed, “Yesterday I got two roaches in my lab and one mouse. But I took care of it.  Please if you have a problem with rodents, put an order to fumigate.” (October 18, 2012).

“There is no way you will not have roaches nor rodent in your space–this is NYC….Your lab is functional as it is. “

Hunter College, City University of New York Administration

The City University of New York, CUNY is aware and has been aware for nearly a decade.

Following contact with the Chancellors office, as of November 8, 2016 I have had no response from the “appropriate” or any person at CUNY.

October 20, 2016

“Dear Mr. Chancellor Milliken,

I would like to request a meeting with you to ensure that you are aware of the conditions that I have been forced to work in at CUNY.  Please let me know some of your availability in the next weeks. I look forward to meet with you.
Tricia Striano

From: Frederick Schaffer []
Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2016 5:57 PM
To: Tricia m Striano
Subject: Meeting Request to the Chancellor

Dear Professor Striano,

You email to Chancellor Milliken has been referred to me.  I have asked the Counsel to the President at Hunter to have the appropriate person follow up with you.


Frederick P. Schaffer

General Counsel and Senior Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs

The City University of New York

205 East 42nd Street

New York, New York 10017

Office: 646-664-9210

Mobile: 646-423-6920


Today is November 14th, 2016. I went to my office to make a test. I stopped counting after 10 roaches, mouse droppings and burning eyes, face, cough, rashes and shortness of breath.  

Here are the images of my arms reacting to rodents, dust and roaches at my allergy testing. Note this reaction follows nearly a decade of allergy shots.


My request to teach on-line was not seen as a reasonable accommodation according to CUNY labor, who helped place rodents traps in my office and infant lab but never checked to see if they were full.

This image was taken from the infant laboratory on November 14th 2016.  Videos of live roaches will be posted soon.